SJC Technology Park and Brazilian Aerospace Cluster – Where the Ecosystem of the Space Sector Has Established Itself and Taken Root

São José dos Campos is a city that breathes aerospace; it hosts numerous facilities for the space sector, such as the PIT — São José dos Campos Technology Park —, housing some sectors of the Brazilian Space Agency and the Brazilian Aerospace Cluster. Our CEO, Aila Raquel, together with HKATG’s VP, Mr. Chai, our consultant, Dr. Osamu Saotome, and our board member, Dr. Lester de Abreu, visited the Park’s facilities. They discovered many interesting areas and companies directly focused on space activities.

During our visit, we had a meeting with companies that offer significant space solutions for our operations. SpotSat provided an excellent presentation of its products, giving us confidence in possible partnerships when our constellation is in operation, and we were well received by José Renato Alberto. Arthur Durigan Bahdur was also present, representing Innospace. Additionally, a representative from Dassault, who also demonstrated great synergy with our activities, presented an excellent opportunity for interaction. We also visited Visiona, a Brazilian space company that recently launched a nanosatellite. The presentation was given by Himilcon de C. Carvalho, CTO of Visiona. We engaged with the engineering staff and virtually connected with the CEO, João Paulo Rodrigues Campos.

These meetings affirmed that we can collaborate to elevate the brazilian space sector. Consequently, we are now part of the Brazilian Aerospace Cluster, where we will interact with the entire ecosystem of the brazilian space sector. This marks our presence and sets the stage for many mutual advancements!


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