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The Alya-1 System is an advanced low-orbit, high-frequency satellite network combining optical remote sensing with synthetic aperture radar technology. This active-passive hybrid constellation offers all-weather, near-real-time monitoring. Its expertise lies in regional monitoring in real-time, supporting refined management of commodities (agriculture, mining, oil and gas) and ecological management for the creation of smart cities and rural regions of the future.


In just three years, our ambitious initiative will launch a total of 216 satellites into space, Alya 1 (108 satellites) and Alya 2 (108 satellites), distributed across 24 distinct orbits, each accommodating nine satellites. The inaugural deployment of these cutting-edge satellites is scheduled for 2024.2, marking the beginning of our mission to renew and upgrade the fleet every two years to stay at the forefront of technology. To ensure optimal performance, our commitment extends to keeping the sensors of these satellites constantly calibrated, guaranteeing precision and reliability throughout their operational lifespan.

Alya 1 - 108 satellites
Alya 2 - 108 satellites


next launch – 2024.2


renew and upgrade the fleet


simulation areas


located in Brazil

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Cuiabá, Mato Grosso, Brasil


Parque Tecnológico de Sorocaba - Av. Itavuvu, 11.777 - Jardim Santa Cecilia, Sorocaba - SP, CEP: 18078-005


Rodovia Santos Dumont - BR 116 - Tucano Bahia


Paço do Lumiar - Upaon-Açu - Maranhão

— About Us
Alya Nanosatellites is a pioneering company in the space sector, not only for its areas of activity but also for its female leadership. Our goal is to provide imaging capabilities and ground station services to support environmental protection, resource management, and the global economy by commercializing affordable imagery for various sectors. We embrace a multi-sector alliance approach, creating a network of innovative ideas and technologies. With the support of international allies and our growing experience and expertise, we have confidence in the success of our missions.


Alya’s Project is characterized by its affordability, scalability and incremental approach, aiming to deliver reliable and valuable monitoring products to a broad audience, including professionals, academics, companies, and decision-makers.


Alya's central vision is to create a global network of sustainable partnerships for shared space systems, benefitting community well-being, economic development, job creation, and poverty alleviation through long-term space mission-sharing initiatives.

“As a female leader, I want to inspire many girls and women to recognize their own power to bring great solutions for many humanity problems.”

Aila Raquel
CEO/Founder of Alya Nanosatellites

Aila Raquel is a pioneering entrepreneur in the Brazilian space sector, renowned for her work in Earth observation using a large satellite constellation. Her journey began in 2019 after completing a Silicon Valley startup accelerator in Bahia. Notably, she achieved victory in the Brazilian Air Force’s Amazonia Challenge 4.0 in 2020, which led to her collaboration with the Air Force Institute for Advanced Studies (IEAv). Aila has inspired people through more than 30 talks in over 10 countries, especially girls and women, positioning herself as a leader in addressing critical issues. She holds certificates in entrepreneurship and innovative project management. In Brazil, she is a founding member of the Startups Alliance of the Brazilian Space Sector and is affiliated with international associations, including the Stellar Modal Transportation Association (USA), 14bis Aerospace (France-Brazil), Space Hero (Africa), and Moon Village (Brazil). Aila is dedicated to forging global partnerships that foster mutual development and the resolution of global challenges, with a focus on contributing to the well-being of humanity.

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“Empowering professionals to address complex problems by exploring space technologies for sustainable development and delivering solutions that have a meaningful impact on the daily lives of citizens.”Alya’s main objective is to use space technology for sustainable solutions and to push professionals to tackle complex challenges. The approach involves linking academic knowledge with market needs, providing the tools and skills to effectively develop and implement these solutions.

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