One More Big Step for Alya Space

Alya Space invests very seriously in its steps. That’s why we look for being very well supported when it comes to taking important steps, such as expanding our company to Paris.

It was a safe and successful move to rely on Business France, with Choose Paris Region, which, following the guidelines of President Emmanuel Macron, has given us incredible support to achieve success in our activities in France.

As in Brazil, we are bringing data accessibility to sectors of great national importance, such as agriculture, strengthening agricultural production, using data from our constellation of 216 International Telecommunication Union registered satellites, supported by 6 Ground Stations in Brazil, registered with Anatel – Agência Nacional de Telecomunicações, and its been integrated by USPACE Technology Group Limited.

Accessibility and reliability are our greatest gifts to the French data processors, farmers, defense, research data programs, as a way of always working to provide solutions for global problems for the good of humanity with the peaceful use of orbit!


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