Alya’s Ally – Sorocaba Technology Park Always Magnificently Supporting Alya Space’s Initiatives

Alya will be installing two ground stations in Brazil to monitor its first constellation, Alya 1, comprising 108 satellites. These 7.2-meter diameter antennas will serve to control the satellites, receive the extensive data generated by the constellation, and facilitate sharing with other companies for use in different constellations. This collaborative effort aims to increase the number of sites for receiving and transmitting data.

One of the antennas will be installed in the Sorocaba Technology Park. To assess the best location for the antennas, our CEO, Aila Raquel, visited the park accompanied by HKATG’s VP, Mr. Chai.

We were honored to be received by the Park’s President, Nelson Tadeu Cancellara, who presented us with special souvenirs from Brazil. He led us on an insightful tour of the Park’s facilities, accompanied by the Innovation Manager, André Santos.

Such warm receptions strengthen our sense of support and enthusiasm to continue our collaborative efforts. This mission holds the potential for a significant impact on the Brazilian space sector, spanning from the Southeast to the Northeast of the country!


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