São Paulo, Brazil – Development, Technology, Innovation, and Contemporary Environments of Great Interactions in the Space Sector

Aila Raquel, our CEO, embarked on a series of visits to São Paulo, starting with Cubo Itaú, where we encountered an incredible ecosystem of innovative companies. The building, situated in the excellent area of Vila Olímpia, is designed with innovation-themed floors that interact seamlessly as a whole. Aila was warmly welcomed by Wagner Andrade from Stellantis, who expressed his joy at being part of such an innovation-rich environment. She also engaged with Cubo managers, who guided her on a tour of the building’s floors.

Following that, we visited IPT (Technological Research Institute). IPT Open is part of IPT, one of the country’s largest research and technology centers, strategically located on the USP campus. IPT boasts 34 laboratories within 122.000 m2 of built-up area, equipped with state-of-the-art research facilities. These resources are accessible to IPT Open members, with hundreds of researchers covering diverse areas of knowledge capable of collaborating to solve complex problems.

With a growing network of partners in both public and private spheres, IPT is expanding the availability of research infrastructure and operating across various market segments, providing clients access to validate products and services. This environment proved ideal for establishing Alya’s development and research laboratories, connecting us with professionals who contribute significantly to our products and innovations.

Our heartfelt thanks to Maria Cristina and Gabriel for granting us the honor of visiting this crucial facility for innovation development in the country.


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