Alya Nanosatellites Supports the “Meu Pé de Cacau” Project

Do you know what the cabruca system is?

Cabruca represents an agroforestry production system in which cocoa is cultivated beneath the shelter of native tree species from the original forest. This approach is of great significance as it aids in preserving biodiversity by preventing the removal of native trees from the Atlantic Forest.

Alya is preparing to launch synthetic aperture sensors that, when combined with high-resolution hyperspectral sensors, can effectively identify occurrences within these plantations.

Alya has formed a partnership with an institute known as NA’KAU, which actively supports and manages projects aimed at the development of agriculture, cocoa production, and the chocolate industry within over 50 indigenous communities residing along the banks of the Madeira River in the Amazon Rainforest. These communities export their products to Europe and are presently participating in numerous fairs to promote their initiatives. Alya’s objective is to empower cocoa producers in monitoring their plantations, thereby enhancing management practices, mitigating the effects of climate change, and increasing the potential for success in their agricultural endeavors.

Furthermore, in the southern region of Bahia, specifically in Ilheus, Alya Nanosatellites extends its support to the “Meu Pé de Cacau” project. This project not only involves cacao cultivation but also maximizes the utilization of every part of the cacao tree, resulting in the production of a diverse range of market-ready products, including oils, butters, flours, and cachaças.

By supporting and collaborating with projects like these, Alya aims to get closer and participate in the resolution of problems in our daily lives, with the intention of empowering individuals and creating improved economic and social living conditions together.


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