Brazilian Space Agency Welcomes Alya Space and Hong Kong Aerospace, Aligning Efforts for Mutual Support in Space Activities

Our CEO, Aila Raquel, along with HKATG’s VP, Mr. Chai, and Olany, our esteemed consultant representing Shamal Space, visited the Brazilian Space Agency in Brasília. They were received by Rodrigo Leonardi (AEB’s coordinator), Dr. Ian Grosner (AEB’s attorney), Péricles Cardim da Silva (Head of the International Cooperation Advisory-ACI), and the President of the Brazilian Space Agency, Dr. Marco Antonio Chamon. Dr. Chamon, along with others attending the meeting, warmly welcomed us as we presented Alya Space’s projects in Brazil and outlined the significant impact we will generate with the deployment of a large constellation of satellites, the establishment of our control center, ground stations, and educational visitor areas. The president expressed his delight with our visit and offered us all the support needed to ensure the success of our facilities and missions.

Mr. Chai’s presence resulted from Alya’s invitation to explore potential areas for the company’s establishment in Brazil. It also aims to facilitate interaction with the entire ecosystem of the Brazilian space sector, as he will be our primary partner in the construction of our first constellation and ground stations.


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