Alya Space and CIMATEC Aerospace, United to Boost the Aerospace Sector in Northeastern Brazil

Our CEO, Aila Raquel, along with the Vice President of Hong Kong Aerospace Technology Group, visited CIMATEC Salvador, where we were warmly received by the project manager, Taboada, who guided us on a tour of the laboratories and high-tech production areas, such as the supercomputer area — the 30th largest in the world and the 5th largest in Latin America — where we can process data in record time. We had lunch with the Rector of Cimatec, Leone Andrade, during which we discussed various matters, including the installation of Alya’s satellite command and control center at the Salvador air base, where Cimatec Aerospace will be located. Additionally, we discussed the installation of our ground station, which will be situated at Cimatec Park in Camaçari, from where we will control our 108 satellites in our first constellation.

We will soon bring more news as we plan to set up a visitor center to learn about space activities. Much is in store with Alya’s presence in Salvador – Bahia.

Some images to illustrate our goals:

Stay tuned!


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