Celebrating a Great Achievement!

This achievement is not only a technological feat, but also a step forward towards expanding access to space, driving technological breakthroughs, inspiring the next generation of scientists, contributing to global challenges, and promoting incredible solutions for the good of humanity.

One More Big Step for Alya Space

Alya Space invests very seriously in its steps. That’s why we look for being very well supported when it comes to taking important steps, such as expanding our company to Paris.

Aligning The Stars

We share Alya Space’s great happiness in witnessing and benefiting from this significant event where the Alignment of the Stars was complete:


Brazilian Space Agency Welcomes Alya Space and Hong Kong Aerospace, Aligning Efforts for Mutual Support in Space Activities

Aila Raquel, CEO of Alya Space, accompanied by HKATG’s VP Mr. Chai and consultant Olany, visited the Brazilian Space Agency in Brasília. They met with key figures, including Dr. Marco Antonio Chamon, the President of the Brazilian Space Agency. The meeting focused on presenting Alya Space’s projects in Brazil, emphasizing the deployment of a satellite constellation, control center, ground stations, and educational areas.

INPE, a High-Quality Brazilian Institution Providing Support for Space Activities

The visit highlighted Brazil’s significant expertise in space activities, with a fully operational satellite in orbit for over 30 years managed by INPE. The tour included the satellite control center, where the team appreciated the dedication of the staff. Dr. Osamu’s background in satellite integration at ITA showcased Brazil’s longstanding proficiency.


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