Hong Kong Aerospace Technology Group and Alya Nanosatellites Join Forces for Alya-1, a 108-Satellite Network

Extraction of part of the public announcement document:

“The Board is pleased to announce that, on 16 October 2023, the Company entered into the Alya-1 System Contract with Alya. Pursuant to which the Group agrees to provide overall design for satellite network, satellite manufacturing, as well as coordination and facilities for satellite launching in respect of the communication and remote sensing satellite network in South America (Alya-1 System) for the construction of the Alya-1 System, which comprises the manufacturing of 108 integrated communication and remote sensing satellites and the construction of a satellite management center, a satellite data processing center as well as two ground stations, for the Total Contract Price of approximately US$675 million.”

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The initial satellites are set for launch from Jiu Quan, China, in March 2024. The Alya-1 constellation comprises low-orbit, high-frequency satellites, blending optical remote sensing and synthetic aperture radar for dynamic, all-weather, near-real-time monitoring. Alya Nanosatellites will create specialized applications to meet real-time satellite communication and navigation needs, achieving refined, full-cycle management with a 10-minute gap between satellite passes. This enables continuous monitoring of various situations requiring constant oversight.

In addition to the satellites, Hong Kong Aerospace Technology Group will establish two ground stations and a manufacturing center in the northeast and southeast of Brazil to monitor its constellation.


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