Space Technology for Environmental Preservation: Alya Space and Origens Brasil Driving Sustainable Initiatives in the Amazon

Our Vice-President, Paul Sepaniak, recently embarked on a meaningful visit to Origens Brasil and Imaflora, engaging with key figures in the sustainability landscape. Renata Andrés (Imaflora Coordinator of Innovation for New Businesses), Lucas Helfenstein Nieto (Origens Brasil Markets Coordinator), and Luiz Antonio C.S Brasi Filho (Origens Brasil Manager), were among the inspiring individuals we had the pleasure of meeting.

During our discussions, the focus turned to the crucial topic of environmental preservation in Brazil. Exciting initiatives are underway, including efforts to facilitate the supply of satellite images to Imaflora. At Alya Space, we are committed to democratizing the use of satellites, making them also accessible and affordable for smaller organizations. We believe that every entity, regardless of size, should have the opportunity to leverage satellite technology for positive impact.

Additionally, we’re proud to announce our support for traditional Amazonian producers within the Origens network. An example of this collaboration is our partnership with NA’KAU, a network of 80 cocoa-producing families responsible for the preservation of 80,000 hectares of tropical forest.

Supporting those dedicated to the preservation of priority conservation areas, such as the Amazonian Rainforest, is a top priority in our ongoing commitment to the planet’s ecology. Stay tuned for updates on our collaborative efforts in driving positive change for our environment.